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CANP Review

Between 2010-2016 ICMI has invested a significant amount of resources into the CANP project. In 2015 the ICMI EC accepted a proposal to review CANP: It was proposed to review CANP as a whole (rather than individual evaluations of each CANP) for which a Review Committee was established. 

The following Terms of Reference were proposed:

  • Evaluate the whole CANP program for how well it meets the original aims and its other impacts.
  • Evaluate the whole CANP program for value of money, financial efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Review and update the aims, description, and criteria documents for CANP
  • Make recommendations on how existing CANPs are further supported.
  • Make recommendations on new CANPs, or other CANP activities.

CANP Review Process:

  1. As a first step during January and June 2016 the participants, organisers and IPC member answered two online surveys regarding their CANP experiences.
    The survey for participants (CANP 1-4) can be found here. 
    The survey for CANP 5 (participants) can be found here. 
    The survey for organizers and IPC members can be found here.
  2. The first results of the surveys were presented at the EC meeting in Berlin in July 2016. The presentation can be found here.
  3. In July 2016 an ICME13 discussion group had two fruitful meetings regarding CANP and its future.
  4. The final results of the review were presented to the ICMI EC in June 2017 and can be found here:
    Evaluation of the Capacity and Network Project CANP 1-5 of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) Full Report
  5. In May 2018 a CANP meeting regarding the future of CANP was held in Taipei. As a results of the workshop it was decided to continue supporting the CANP Projects 1-5 between 2019-2021.