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Related Projects

Links to similar projects:

  • The German Imaginary-Project

    IMAGINARY offers a platform for open and interactive mathematics with a variety of content that can be used in schools, at home, in museums, at exhibitions or for events and media activities. The main contents of IMAGINARY are its interactive programs and its picture galleries. IMAGINARY was initiated at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO), an institute of the Leibniz Association. The MFO is a shareholder of IMAGINARY.
  • The French project “Image des maths

    The project aims to present mathematical research - particularly French research - outside the scientific community. All the articles are written by people doing research in mathematics. The hope is to show the mathematical aspects of contemporary research, of course! but also its historical, cultural and sociological aspects. Readers are invited to participate in the debate in the form of comments added to the articles
  • The Israel Snapshots-Project

    The Mathematics News Snapshots for High School (MNS) project aims to provide high school students with a glimpse into the exciting and dynamic world of contemporary mathematics. The project was founded in order to decrease the gap between the ever-growing nature of mathematics and the stagnated nature of school curricula. In this sense, the project is exactly in line with the Klein-Project.

    The Snapshots are designed and written by teams of experts in mathematics and mathematics education, directed by Prof. Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology).
  • The English Cornerstone Math Project

    Cornerstone Maths is a set of targeted curriculum units that help pupils achieve deep learning of the most difficult mathematics concepts through guided explorations and activities that use dynamic technology to foster reasoning and collaboration.

    The project is hosted by the UCL Knowledge Lab and the UCL Institute of Education of the University College London.
  • The German Mathe-Vital-Project

    Math-Vital is a project of the chair "Geometry and Visualization" of the Technical University of Munich. The goal of the project is making mathematical correlations on different levels interactively experienceable.

    The founder of the project is Prof. Dr. Jürgen Richter-Gebert.