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The last International Congress on Mathematical Education, the twelfth in the series, was held in Seoul, Korea, on July 8-15, 2012.

The International Programme Committee (IPC) of ICME-12 was chaired by Sung Je Cho, of the Department of Mathematics Education at Seoul National University, and was composed of

Michèle ARTIGUE  (France)  
Évelyne BARBIN  (France)
Bill BARTON (New Zealand) President of ICMI
Morten BLOMHOEJ  (Denmark)
Jaime CARVALHO E SILVA (Portugal) Secretary-General of ICMI
Sung Je CHO  (Korea)  Chair of IPC
Johann ENGELBRECHT  (South Africa)
Bernard R. HODGSON  (Canada)  
Gabriele KAISER  (Germany)
Mercy KAZIMA  (Malawi)
Petar KENDEROV  (Bulgaria)
Masataka KOYAMA  (Japan)
Oh Nam KWON  (Korea)
Frederick K.S. Leung  (Hong Kong)
Hee-chan LEW  (Korea)
Shiqi LI  (China)
Cheryl PRAEGER  (Australia)
Marcela SANTILL??N  (México)
Hyun Yong SHIN  (Korea)  Chair of the Local Organising Committee
K. (Ravi) Subramaniam  (India)
Yuriko YAMAMOTO BALDIN  (Brazil)

The first meeting of the IPC took place on June 14-17, 2009.  The second meeting of the IPC took place on February 15-20, 2011.  Comments about any aspect of the programme of ICME-12 are welcome and should be sent to the Chair of the IPC.

Information about ICME-12 is still available on the congress website.