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Conferences to come

Below find a list of upcoming (or most recent) Regional Conferences. 


The next Africa Regional Congress of ICMI on Mathematical Education will be held in Rwanda (in 2020/2021).


CIAEM (Conferencia interamericana de educacion mathematica)

CIAEM-15 (XV Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education) will be held in in Medellín, Colombia, May 5-9, 2019.

The website is: 
There is also a Facebook site:



The 9ths EARCOME will be held in 2021 in Seoul, Korea. If you have questions, please contact

The 8th EARCOME conference was held in the Taiwan from May 7-11, 2018. 



Espace Mathématique Francophone is an ICMI regional conference that is held every three years. It is aimed at an international audience of mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers, teacher trainers and teachers. The conference language is French.

Colloque EMF 2018 Mathématiques en scène, des ponts entre les disciplines
The seventh EMF colloquium (EMF2018) will take place in Paris, from October 22 to 26, 2018. The theme of the colloquium is "Mathematics on the stage, bridges between disciplines." The colloquium includes 12 working groups, 5 special projects, and actions and events.

For more information, visit:

All information about the EMF, including all proceedings (with an internal browser), the composition of the executive Bureau and the status can be found on where you can sign for the newsletter online (for updates on the next regional conference), and browse among the proceedings of all EMF conferences.