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Database Project Spain

LOMLOE, the newer Law of Education in Spain, was passed in January 2021, and its progressive implementation will start one year later in the different territories, now with more autonomy in the concretion of various regulations in the Law.

LOMLOE –Spanish Law of Education

Examples of curricular concretions

For the case of school mathematics across the pre-primary, primary, secondary, and vocational levels, a working group of mathematics education experts within CEMat –The IMU-affiliated Spanish Committee of Mathematics– in collaboration with FESPM –The Spanish Federation of Societies of Mathematics Teachers– has become an important reference. Their 2021 document in Spanish discusses the basis and criteria for the inclusive concretion of mathematical curricula. The theoretical influences of the mathematization processes from Hans Freudhental, on the one hand, and of the mathematical competencies from Mogens Niss, on the other hand, are taken as the starting point in the recommendations aimed at guiding curricular interpretation, design, and development in school mathematics teaching.    

CEMat –Link to the document ‘Bases para la elaboración de un currículo de Matemáticas en Educación no Universitaria’

FESPM –Link to the website with the Seminars on Mathematics Curricula at different pre-university levels
Agustín Carrillo,  
ICMI representative for Spain