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Database Project Venezuela

According to the current Organic Law of Education (LOE 2009), the Venezuelan education system is an organic and structured set made up of levels and modalities according to the stages of human development. It is based on the principles of unity, responsibility and interdependence. Its purpose is to guarantee that the educational process and permanent preparation of every citizen be assured regardless of differences in age, sex, or ethnic or cultural diversity. It should attend the local, regional and national needs and potentials. The educational structure is organized in two Subsystems: Basic Education and University Education.

The Basic Education Subsystem is organized in three levels: Initial, Elementary and Secondary Education.

Elementary Education:

It has a duration of 6 years of compulsory education, with an integrated curriculum that includes the area of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Society.

Secondary Education:

It has a duration of 5 mandatory years. The curriculum at this level includes the area of Mathematics in all years of schooling.

Among the educational resources provided by the Ministry of Education are the textbooks from the Bicentario Collection, freely distributed for both educational levels.

Contact Person

Nelly Amatista León Gómez