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The First IEA Study of Mathematics Teacher Education [TEDS-M 2008]: An International Comparative Study in Progress


Maria Teresa Tatto, John Schwille, and Sharon Senk of Michigan State University; and Lawrence Ingvarson, Ray Peck, and Glenn Rowley of the Australian Council for Educational Research




Mathematics teacher education, Primary education, Lower secondary education,


In this presentation I will share information about TEDS-M 2008, its unique contribution to research in mathematics teacher education, and its progress to date.

What is TEDS-M 2008?

TEDS-M 2008 is a comparative study of the preparation of teachers of mathematics at the primary and lower secondary levels. TEDS-M pays particular attention to the links between teacher education policies, practices and outcomes. The study is capacity building and it provides participating countries with a valuable opportunity to conduct research on their own teacher education system and to learn from approaches used in other countries. TEDS-M addresses research questions of central interest to policy makers such as: (1) What are the characteristics of teacher education programs that prepare future teachers of primary and secondary mathematics effectively? (2) How can the outcomes of teacher education programs for teachers of mathematics be measured in ways that are reliable and valid? (3)What kinds of policies are effective in recruiting qualified teachers of mathematics from diverse backgrounds?