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Call for Submissions of contributions to the ICMI Study 24 Conference

The IPC for ICMI Study 24 invites submissions of contributions of several kinds which include: research papers related to school mathematics curriculum reform issues; theoretical, cultural, historical, and epistemological essays (with deep connection to curriculum reforms); discussion and position papers analysing curriculum policy and practice issues; synthesis and meta-analysis reports on empirical studies; reviews of curriculum reform efforts, especially at macro levels; and papers on comparative studies in curriculum reform initiatives.

  • Authors must select one theme from among the five described in the ICMI Study 24 Discussion Document to which their paper must be submitted.
  • Authors are expected to consider the questions listed below each theme in the Discussion Document in making their decision to submit papers.
  • To ensure a rich and varied discussion, participation from countries with different economic capacity, and different social, political and cultural heritage and practices is encouraged.
  • The IPC encourages people who are not familiar with such conferences to submit early and request assistance for finalising their contribution (by 28 February, 2018 - this ICMI Study 24 Discussion Document assistance concerns the choice of the paper topic, theme or structure, not the editing of English language). In this way, the IPC supports a tradition of helping newcomers to the international mathematics education community.
  • An invitation to the conference does not imply that a formal presentation of the submitted contribution will be made during the conference or that the paper will appear in the study volume published after the conference. 


  • A template for the submission of papers is available on the ICMI Study 24 website
  • Papers prepared in English (the language of the Study Conference) according to the template and a maximum of 8 pages must be submitted by the deadlines set out below. 


  • 31 May, 2018: Submissions must be made online no later than May 31, but earlier if possible. 
  • 30 June, 2018: Papers will be reviewed, decisions made about invitations to the conference, and notification of these decisions will be sent to the corresponding/main author by the end of June. 

Please visit ICMI Study 24 Web Site to begin the submission process.


Information about registration, visa application, costs, and details of accommodation may be found on the ICMI Study 24 website.

The Study Conference will be held in Tsukuba/Japan 25-30, November 2018.