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The International Organization of Women and Mathematics Education is an international network of individuals and groups who share a commitment to achieving equity in education and who are interested in the links between gender and the teaching and learning of mathematics.

IOWME's roots date back to 1976, when a special meeting was arranged during the course of the Third International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-3) to discuss the issue of "Women and Mathematics". IOWME was formed as a result of that discussion and the group had its inaugural meeting at ICME-4. IOWME became an Affiliated Study Group of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) in 1987 and continues as such today.

Since its inception, IOWME has been dedicated to:

  • providing a forum for those interested in the relationship between gender and mathematics;
  • providing current information on research and curriculum development concerning gender and mathematics;
  • encouraging and disseminating research related to:
    • women's participation in mathematics, science, and technology;
    • factors influencing participation rates and the quality of teaching mathematics, science, and technology;
    • strategies and programs designed to increase the participation of women in the mathematical sciences.

The members meet once every four years at ICME and in between keep in touch through a lively facebook group. The group is closed but anyone with interest in equity issues can ask to join in. Special news of interest will be published on this web site.