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Terms of Reference of ICMI (1954)

NOTE:  This first version of the Terms of Reference of ICMI was adopted at the second General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union held in The Hague on August 31st and September 1st, 1954.  It was in force until a new version was adopted in 1960.

Resolved: That the terms of reference and the constitution of the International Commissionon Mathematical Instruction be clarified and determined as follows:

  1. The Commission shall consist of ten members-at-large elected by the General Assembly on nomination of the President of IMU, and of two national delegates named by each of the National Committees for Mathematics as specified below.
  2. The officers of the Commission shall consist of a President, a Secretary and two Vice-Presidents.  The President shall be elected by the General Assembly on the nomination of the President of the IMU from the membership at large of the Commission.
  3. The Executive Committee of the Commission shall consist of the Officers of the Commission together with three additional members elected by the membership of the Commission.
  4. During his life-time Professor F e h r (Geneva) shall remain Honorary President of the Commission in recognition of his longtime interest in the cause of Mathematical education and his devoted services to it.
  5. In all other respects the Commission shall make its own decisions as to its internal organization and rules of procedure.
  6. Any National Adhering Organization wishing to support or encourage the work of the Commission may create, in agreement with its National Committee, a subcommittee to maintain liaison with the Commission in all matters pertinent to its affairs. The National Adhering Organization in question shall designate two members of the said subcommittee, if created, to serve as delegated members of the Commission.
  7. The Commission shall be charged with the conduct of the activities of IMU, bearing on mathematical and scientific education, and shall take the initiative in inaugurating appropriate programs designed to further the sound development of mathematical education at all levels and to secure public appreciation of its importance.
  8. The budget of the Commission shall be submitted to the Executive Committee of IMU and the General Assembly for approval at such times as may be determined by agreement between the Commission and the Executive Committee.
  9. The Commission shall file an annual report of its activities with the Executive Committee of IMU and shall file a quadrennial report at each regular meeting of the General Assembly.