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HPM is the International Study Group on the Relations between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics, affiliated to the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI).

By combining the history of mathematics with the teaching and learning of mathematics, HPM is the link between the past and the future of mathematics.  Therefore, the group aims at stressing the conception of mathematics as a living science, a science with a long history, a vivid present and an as yet unforeseen future. Among members of the group are researchers in mathematics education, mathematicians, historians of mathematics, teachers of mathematics and curriculum developers.

The HPM Group has a chair appointed each four years and an advisory board.


Regular Activities

  • ICME Satellite Meetings of HPM
    Every 4 years since 1984 on the occasion of the International Congress on Mathematical Education.
  • European Summer University on the History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education
    Every 3 years since 1993.
  • The HPM Newsletter 3 times per year.
  • HPM at Erme (European Society for Research in Mathematics Education).

Other Activities

  • Regional meetings all over the world.
  • Sessions of the ICMI Affiliated Study Groups in the context of the ICME.
  • Publication of collective volumes, either of Conference proceedings, or based on contributions in conference proceedings, etc.

For more information consult the HPM Newsletter - also available on the HPM websites - or the websites themselves at and

The newsletter co-editors are Kathy Clark, Snezana Lawrence and Helder Pinto. In the past, Chris Weeks was the co-editor of the newsletter. With his knowledge of the field and the group, he has been essential to the newsletter for more than six years.

The newsletters are published online as a supplement to the paper version. The online version is available on the website

There will be new articles online every month and these articles will go into the issues that will be published three times a year.