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ICTMA, the International Study Group for the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and Applications, has been an Affiliated Study Group of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) since 2003. ICTMA emerged from the International Community of Teachers of Mathematical Modelling and Applications (hence the acronym ICTMA), a community of scholars and researchers supporting the series of International Conferences on the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and Applications and which has been concerned with research, teaching and practice of mathematical modelling since 1983. The aim of the group is to foster the teaching and researching of the teaching and learning of mathematical modelling and the ability to apply mathematics to genuine real world problems in primary, secondary, tertiary educational environments including teacher education, together with professional and workplace environments. A distinctive aspect of ICTMA is the interface it provides for collaboration between those whose main activity lies in applying mathematics or in the fields of applications of mathematics, but who have an informed interest in educational issues, and those whose principal affiliations are within education, who have a commitment to promoting the effective application of mathematics to problems outside mathematics.

Full ICTMA conferences have been held biennially since 1983. The work of ICTMA is published in its dedicated series of commercially published book as well as various journals. ICTMA members have contributed to various International Congresses on Mathematical Education (ICMEs) by collaborating to Topic Study Groups and Discussion Groups focussed on applications and mathematical modelling, and since ICME-10 as an Affiliated Study Group of ICMI. ICTMA members also had major input to the 14th ICMI Study on Applications and Modelling in Mathematics Education and the production of the pre and post conference volumes. More recent activities include a website, list serve, and electronic newsletter. ICTMA is governed by an International Executive Committee which has broad representation across the world.