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The World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (WFNMC) was founded in 1984 during ICME-5, held in Adelaide, Australia.  In 1994 the Federation became the fourth Affiliated Study Group of ICMI.  Both events were inspired by the late Peter O'Halloran (1931-1994), the Founding President of the Federation.

The goal of the Federation is to promote excellence in mathematics education and to provide those persons interested in promoting mathematics education through mathematics contests an opportunity of meeting and exchanging information.

The membership of the Federation gets together every two years: during the sessions of the ICME congresses and at its own Conferences held two years after the ICMEs.

The Journal of WFNMC, Mathematics Competitions, is published twice a year.  It is a valuable instrument for the realization of Federation's goals.  The WFNMC has its own award named after Paul Erdös.  It is given to people who contributed significantly to the development of mathematics competitions and mathematics enrichment activities in their own countries or internationally.

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