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ICMI Publications

There are various publications made by or under the auspices of ICMI, some resulting directly from activities organised by the Commission.

The Bulletin of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction is published twice a year and is available in paper format and also downloadable as a pdf file from this website. Besides the mere communication aspect, the Bulletin plays a kind of archival role for the Commission.

Published six times a year in even-numbered months, ICMI News serves as an easy communication channel for brief information to the mathematics education community. Subscription is free and can be made from this Website.

Each International Congress on Mathematical Education results in some formal Proceedings.  Moreover, for some congresses, there are other forms of publications, such as a book of Selected Lectures or various publications from groups in charge of components of the congress Programme.

Each ICMI Study starts with the publication of a Discussion Document that articulates the theme and purpose of the Study in great detail.  The final aim of the Study is the production of a volume intended to play the role of a state-of-the-art reference on the theme at issue. These Study volumes appear in the New ICMI Study Series, now published by Springer.  Some of the ICMI Studies have resulted in additional forms of publications.

Some publications result from special activities of ICMI, for instance the celebration of the centennials of the journal L'Enseignement Mathématique and of ICMI itself. Others are the outcome of activities sponsored by ICMI, such as the ICMI Regional Conferences.

Since the founding of ICMI in 1908, the journal L'Enseignement Mathématique has served as the official organ of the Commission.

Other publications result from activities organised independently of ICMI, but by groups connected to the Commission, such as the Study Groups Affiliated to ICMI.