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A major ICMI program is the series of ICMI Studies.

Each Study focuses on a topic or issue of prominent current interest in mathematics education. Built around an international conference, it is directed towards the preparation of a published volume intended to promote and assist discussion and action at the international, regional or institutional level. 

The main emphasis of a given Study may be on analytical or action-oriented aspects, but some analytical component will always be present. 

Through the project of the ICMI Digital Library ICMI Study Volumes and related ICMI Study documents are made freely available on this website.

Currently can access on the ICMI website:

The following ICMI Studies are available open access: ICMI Study 19, ICMI Study 20, ICMI Study 22, ICMI Study 23, ICMI Study 24.
ICMI is currently working on publishing the following ICMI Studies open access: ICMI Study 21, ICMI Study 18, ICMI Study 17, ICMI Study 16, ICMI Study 15.

Here you can find information current ICMI Studies as well as on published ICMI Studies.

In order to make the NISS volumes more accessible, a special discount is offered to members of the ICMI community purchasing the volumes for personal use.

Overview of an ICMI Study Process

An ICMI Study follows a series of steps:

First, the Executive Committee of ICMI decides upon a theme. 

It then appoints two co-chairs and the International Program Committee (IPC), which on behalf of ICMI is responsible for conducting the Study. Usually, a country that is willing to host the corresponding ICMI Study Conference has been identified concurrently with the appointment of the IPC.

The first task of the IPC is to produce a Discussion Document in which a number of key issues and sub-themes related to the theme of the Study are identified and described in a preliminary manner. The Discussion Document is widely disseminated internationally to solicit contributions to the ICMI Study Conference.

From these submissions, invitations are issued to a limited number of participants (about 80) to participate in an international conference (ICMI Study Conference) constituting a working forum that investigates the theme of the study. Particular emphasis is given to bringing together to the Study conference both experts in the field and newcomers with interesting ideas or promising work in progress, as well as to gathering representatives with a variety of backgrounds from different regions, traditions and cultures.

Beyond the productive interaction and collaborations occasioned by the ICMI Study conference, its main product is a research volume, synthesising the results of the conference and presenting a state-of-the-art expert report on the Study theme. 

The final outcome of an ICMI Study is a Study Volume, appearing in the New ICMI Studies Series (NISS) under the general editorship of the President and the Secretary-General of ICMI and published by Springer. The ICMI Study volumes reflect the great variety of issues and concerns in the field of mathematics education and are of interest to educational researchers, curriculum developers, educational policy makers, teachers of mathematics, and to mathematicians and educators involved in the professional education and development of teachers of mathematics.

This process typically stretches over a period of about three to four years per study.

ICMI Study Guidelines and Contact

ICMI Study Guidelines

The ICMI Study Guidelines can be found here.


Questions and Contact

If you have any questions, or would like to submit an ICMI Study Proposal, please contact the