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Celebration of the Centennial of L'Enseignement Mathématique

Since its beginning in 1908, the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction has had as its official organ the journal L'Enseignement Mathématique, established in 1899.  In October 2000, a symposium was organised jointly in Geneva by ICMI and the University of Geneva to celebrate the centennial of the journal.  The Proceedings have been published by L'Enseignement Mathématique:

One Hundred Years of L'Enseignement Mathématique: Moments of Mathematics Education in the Twentieth Century.
Proceedings of the EM-ICMI Symposium (Geneva, 20-22 October 2000)
Edited by D. Coray, F. Furinghetti, H. Gispert, B.R. Hodgson, G. Schubring
(ISBN 2-940264-06-6) softbound; 336 pages, 2003; 63 CHF
(L'Enseignement Mathématique, Monograph no. 39)

These Proceedings can be freely downloaded from this website via the ICMI Digital Library.  For information on ordering a paper copy, contact L'Enseignement Mathématique at  or visit the webpage of the journal.

One Hundred Years of L'Enseignement Mathématique: Moments of Mathematics Education in the Twentieth Century.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Daniel Coray and Bernard R. Hodgson

I.  L'Enseignement Mathématique: birth and stakes
Fulvia Furinghetti: Mathematical instruction in an international perspective: the contribution of the journal L'Enseignement Mathématique 
Gert Schubring: L'Enseignement Mathématique and the first International Commission (IMUK): the emergence of international communication and cooperation 
Gila Hanna: Journals of mathematics education, 1900-2000 
Reaction: Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

II.  Geometry
Rudolph Bkouche: La géométrie dans les premières années de la revue L'Enseignement Mathématique 
Geoffrey Howson: Geometry: 1950-70 
Colette Laborde: Géométrie - Période 2000 et après 
Reaction: Nicolas Rouche

III.  Analysis
Jean-Pierre Kahane: L'enseignement du calcul différentiel et intégral au début du vingtième siècle 
Man-Keung Siu: Learning and teaching of analysis in the mid twentieth century: a semi-personal observation 
Lynn Steen: Analysis 2000: challenges and opportunities 
Reaction: Michèle Artigue

IV.  Applications of mathematics: mathematics as a service subject
Philippe Nabonnand: Les débats autour des applications des mathématiques dans les réformes de l'enseignement secondaire au début du vingtième siècle 
Hélène Gispert: Applications: les mathématiques comme discipline de service dans les années 1950-1960 
Mogens Niss: Applications of mathematics ‘2000' 
Reaction: Gerhard Wanner

V.  Perspectives for mathematics education
Ubiratan D'Ambrosio: Stakes in mathematics education for the societies of today and tomorrow 
Jeremy Kilpatrick: Scientific solidarity today and tomorrow 
Reaction: Hyman Bass

Celebration of the Centennial of ICMI

To celebrate the centennial of the founding of ICMI, an international symposium, entitled “The First Century of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction: Reflecting and Shaping the World of Mathematics Education???, was held in Rome on 5-8 March, 2008.  The International Programme Committee of the symposium was composed of sixteen members, with Ferdinando Arzarello as its chair, while Marta Menghini represented the Local Organising Committee within the IPC. Palazzo Corsini, home of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and the very birth place of ICMI during the 1908 Congress of Mathematicians, and Palazzo Mattei di Paganica, home of the Enciclopedia Italiana, were the splendid venues for the symposium.

The scientific content of the symposium is reflected in the Proceedings published by the the Enciclopedia Italiana under the editorship of the Italian team in charge of the organisation of the symposium:

The First Century of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (1908-2008). Reflecting and Shaping the World of Mathematics Education
Edited by M. Menghini, F. Furinghetti, L. Giacardi, F. Arzarello
Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, 2008.

For information on ordering, visit the website of the symposium.

The First Century of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (1908-2008). Reflecting and Shaping the World of Mathematics Education

Table of Contents

HYMAN BASS, Moments of the life of ICMI
JEREMY KILPATRICK, The development of mathematics education as an academic field — Reaction by JEAN LUC DORIER 
DINA TIROSH and PESSIA TSAMIR, Intuition and rigor in mathematics education — Reaction by ALDO BRIGAGLIA
MOGENS NISS, Perspectives on the balance between application & modelling and "pure" mathematics in the teaching and learning of mathematics — Reaction by TOSHI IKEDA
JO BOALER, The relationship between research and practice in mathematics education: International examples of good practice — Reaction by JOÃO DA PONTE
GERT SCHUBRING, The origins and early incarnations of ICMI
FULVIA FURINGHETTI, MARTA MENGHINI, FERDINANDO ARZARELLO, LIVIA GIACARDI, ICMI Renaissance: The emergence of new issues in mathematics education
BIENVENIDO NEBRES, Centres and peripheries in mathematics education — Reaction by GELSA KNIJNIK
Panel on ICMI's challenges and future:  MORTEN BLOMHØJ; MAMOKGETHI SETATI 
MICHÈLE ARTIGUE, ICMI: One century at the interface between mathematics and mathematics education — Reflections and perspectives
BERNARD R. HODGSON, Some views on ICMI at the dawn of its second century

Short Talks (Coordinators Alan Bishop and Lee Peng Yee)
EILEEN F. DONOGHUE — The inception of ICMI: David Eugene Smith and the founding of ICTM; ALAN BISHOP — The past four decades: consolidation and diversification; DEREK HOLTON — The process of an ICMI Study: The teaching and learning of mathematics at university level; FREDERICK K.S. LEUNG — The significance of the ICMI Study on mathematics education in East Asia and the West; UBIRATAN D'AMBROSIO — ICMI and its influence in Latin America; JILL ADLER — The development of AFRICME; CLAUDI ALSINA — What is the impact of hosting an ICME for the organizing country? — The case of ICME8 in Spain; LIM-TEO SUAT KHOH — ICMI Activities in East and Southeast Asia:  Thirty years of academic discourse and deliberations

Working Groups — Reports
BILL BARTON & FRÉDÉRIC GOURDEAU: Disciplinary mathematics and school mathematics; DEBORAH BALL & BARBRO GREVHOLM: The professional formation of teachers; HILARY POVEY & ROBYN ZEEVENBERGEN: Mathematics education and society; MARCELO BORBA & MARIOLINA BARTOLINI BUSSI: Resources and technology throughout the history of ICMI; GILAH LEDER & LUIS RADFORD: Mathematics education: An ICMI perspective.