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Terms of Reference of ICMI (1986)

NOTE:  This fourth version of the Terms of Reference of ICMI was adopted by the General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union which met in Oakland on July 31st and August 1st, 1986.  It was in force until a new version was adopted in 2002.

  1. The Commission shall consist of
    1. the members of an Executive Committee as specified in (2) below, elected by IMU, and
    2. one delegate from each member nation as specified in (4) below.
  2. The Executive Committee consists of four officers, namely, President, two Vice-Presidents, and Secretary, and of three further members. Furthermore, the outgoing President of ICMI, the President and the Secretary of IMU, and the representative of IMU at CTS (ICSU) are members ex-officio of the E.C.
  3. In all other respects the Commission shall make its own decisions as to its internal organization and rules of procedure.
  4. Any Adhering Organization wishing to support or encourage the work of the Commission may create, or recognize, in agreement with its Committee for Mathematics, a Sub-Commission for ICMI to maintain liaison with the Commission in all matters pertinent to its affairs. The Adhering Organization in question shall designate one member of the said Sub-Commission, if created, to serve as a delegated member of ICMI as mentioned in (1).
  5. The Commission shall be charged with the conduct of the activities of IMU, bearing on mathematical or scientific education and shall take the initiative in inaugurating appropriate programmes designed to further the sound development of mathematical education at all levels, and to secure public appreciation of its importance. In the pursuit of this objective, the Commission shall cooperate, to the extent it considers desirable with effective regional groups which may be formed spontaneously, within, or outside, its own structure.
  6. The Commission may, with the approval of the Executive Committee of IMU, coopt, as members of ICMI, suitable chosen representatives of non-IMU countries, on an individual basis.
  7. The budget of the Commission shall be submitted to the Executive Committee of IMU and the General Assembly, for approval, at such times as may be determined by agreement between the Commission and the Executive Committee of IMU.
  8. The Commission shall file an annual report of its activities with the Executive Committee of IMU, and shall file a quadrennial report at each regular meeting of the General Assembly.