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The U.S.'s National Math Panel – Recommendations, Lessons Learned, What’s here for you?


Francis (Skip) Fennell, Professor of Education, McDaniel College, Westminster, MD & Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics




Policy, Research, Elementary and Middle School Mathematics, Algebra


The charge of the U.S.’s National Math Panel (US-NMP) was to advise the President and the Secretary of Education on the best use of scientifically based research to advance the teaching and learning of mathematics, with a specific focus on preparation for and success in algebra. The Panel’s work included task group reports in the following areas: conceptual knowledge and skills – the mathematics necessary for algebra; learning, instructional practices, teachers and teacher education, and assessment. In addition, subcommittees produced recommendations on instructional materials and standards of evidence, and also framed the survey items for the Panel’s survey of algebra teachers.

The National Math Panel report was released on March 13, 2007. It consists of the Project’s final report and task group reports. This session will provide an overview of the charge, work, and recommendations of the US-NMP along with comments related to the work of the Panel as well as an update regarding the implementation of recommendations of the US-NMP.