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Fields Medals 1954

Kunihiko KODAIRA

KodairaK.gifborn March 16, 1915, Tokyo
Princeton University

Achieved major results in the theory of harmonic integrals and numerous applications to Kählerian and more specifically to algebraic varieties. He demonstrated, by sheaf cohomology, that such varieties are Hodge manifolds.

Jean-Pierre SERRE

SerreJP.gifborn September 15, 1926, Bages, France
Collège de France

Achieved major results on the homotopy groups of spheres, especially in his use of the method of spectral sequences. Reformulated and exented some of the main results of complex variable theory in terms of sheaves.


This document has been reproduced from

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Rev. ed. including ICM 1986. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1986

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