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Fields Medals 1978

Pierre René DELIGNE

Deligne.gifborn October 3, 1944, Brussels, Belgium
Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques

Gave solution of the three Weil conjectures concerning generalizations of the Riemann hypothesis to finite fields. His work did much to unify algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory.

Charles Louis FEFFERMAN

Fefferman.gifborn April 18, 1949, Washington, D.C.
Princeton University

Contributed several innovations that revised the study of multidimensional complex analysis by finding correct generalizations of classical (low-dimensional) results.

Gregori Aleksandrovitch MARGULIS

Margulis.gifborn February 24, Moscow
Moscow University

Provided innovative analysis of the structure of Lie groups. His work belongs to combinatorics, differential geometry, ergodic theory, dynamical systems, and Lie groups.


Quillen.gifborn June 22, 1940, Orange, New Jersey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The prime architect of the higher algebraic K-theory, a new tool that successfully employed geometric and topological methods and ideas to formulate and solve major problems in algebra, particularly ring theory and module theory.

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