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Fields Medals 1982


Connes.gifborn April 1, 1947, Darguignan, France
Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques

Contributed to the theory of operator algebras, particularly the general classification and structure theorem of factors of type III, classification of automorphisms of the hyperfinite factor, classification of injective factors, and applications of the theory of C*-algebras to foliations and differential geometry in general.


Thurston.gifborn October 30, 1946, Washington, D.C.
Princeton University

Revolutionized study of topology in 2 and 3 dimensions, showing interplay between analysis, topology, and geometry. Contributed idea that a very large class of closed 3-manifolds carry a hyperbolic structure.

Shing-Tung YAU

Yau.gifborn April 4, 1949, Kwuntung, China
Institute for Advanced Study

Made contributions in differential equations, also to the Calabi conjecture in algebraic geometry, to the positive mass conjecture of general relativity theory, and to real and complex Monge-Ampère equations.

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