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Adhering Organization

National Research Council of Canada

Pierre-Olivier Bédard, Senior Advisor
Government and International Relations
National Research Council Canada
Government of Canada
Building M50-316
1200, Montreal Road
Ottawa (Ontario), Canada
K1A 0R6
Phone: +1 613 949-8682

Committee for Mathematics

Prof. Ed Bierstone
Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
100 St. George Street

Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G3


Mathematical Societies

CMS - Canadian Mathematical Society / 
SMC - Société Mathématique du Canada

Professor Mark Lewis, President
Department of Mathematics,
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB
Canada T6G 2G1

CSHPM - Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics / 
SCHPM - Société Canadienne d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Mathématiques

Professor Maria Zack, President
Point Loma Nazarene University
San Diego, CA 92106 USA

SSC - Statistical Society of Canada / Société Statistique du Canada

105-1785 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1G 3Y6
Phone: 1-613-733-2662
Fax:  1-613-733-1386

CAIMS - Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society
SCMAI - Société Canadienne de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles

Dr. Thomas Hillen, President
Department of Mathematics
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB
Canada T6G 2G1