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Mathematical Societies

Chinese Mathematical Society

Secretariat: CMS,  Institute of Mathematics 
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Chinese Academy of Sciences 
No. 55, Zhong Guan Cun East Road
Beijing 100190, China 
Phone: +86-10-82541197 or +86-10-82541448 

President: Yaxiang YUAN,
Secretary General: Dayue Chen,


Mathematical Society located in Taipei, China

Mathematical Society of the Republic of China
5F Astronomy and Mathematics Building
Number 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road
Taipei 10617, Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2367-7625
Fax: 886-2-2391-4439

President : Jong-Shenq Guo,  
Vice-President : Jenn-Nan Wang,
General-Secretary: Tsung-Ming Huang,