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Adhering Organization

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

General Secretary Øystein Hov 
Drammensveien 78 
NO-0271 Oslo, Norway 
Phone: + 47 22 12 10 90 
Fax: + 47 22 12 10 99 

Committee for Mathematics

Norwegian National Committee for Mathematics

Prof. Dag Normann, Chair of the National Committee
University of Oslo 
Institute of Mathematics 
P. O. Box 1053 Blindern 
NO-0316 Oslo 
Phone: + 47 22 85 59 53

Prof. Hans Munthe-Kaas:
Prof. Brynjulf Owren:

Mathematical Society

Norwegian Mathematical Society

President: Prof. Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas
E-mail:, homepage:

Vice-president: Prof. Bjørn Ian Dundas
E-mail:, homepage:ørn.Ian.Dundas

Norsk Matematisk Forening
Matematisk Institutt
Universitetet i Bergen
Postboks 7803
NO-5020 Bergen