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The newsletter aims to improve communication between IMU and the worldwide mathematical community, by reporting decisions and recommendations of IMU, and highlighting issues that are under discussion.

In addition, IMU-Net will report on major international mathematical events and developments, and on other topics of general mathematical interest. Feedback from readers is welcome. Read our latest issues below.

IMU-Net 104: November 2020

  • Editorial: New IMU-Committee on Diversity
  • CEIC: Notes and Comments
  • News from the Commission for Developing Countries (CDC)
  • News from the Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM)
  • International Day of Mathematics 2021 (IDM 2021)
  • Inside the IMU
  • Editor’s farewell

IMU-Net 103: September 2020

  • Editorial: Mathematical Globalization
  • CEIC: Notes and Comments
  • IMU-Breakout Graduate Fellowships (BGF) awarded
  • News from the CWM
  • IDM 2021 Poster Challenge “Mathematics for a Better World”
  • Sir Vaughan F.R. Jones (1952 – 2020)
  • 2020 Fields Medal Symposium

IMU-Net 102: July/August 2020

  • Editorial: Institutes and funding in the age of pandemic
  • ICM 2022: Nomination of speakers and of laureates of IMU prizes
  • CEIC: Notes and Comments
  • IMU-CDC graduate scholarships GRAID awarded


Editor: Martin Hubert Raussen, Aalborg University, Denmark


The member of the IMU Executive Committee responsible for liaising with IMU-Net is Andrei Okounkov.


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