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During his visit of University of Santiago de Compostela Prof. Omirov obtained - jointly with Prof. Manuel Ladrasome-  general results on the second group of cohomology of semisimple Leibniz algebras. These results were designed in the form of a manuscript which is added in website: Moreover, he continue the study of irreducible components of the variety of solvable Leibniz algerbas. After obtaining the final planed results on this direction Prof. Omirov is planning  to write a paper. 

I started my project by studying about two combinatorial concepts: Hilbert Depth and Hilbert Regularity.

Report on CIMPA Research School on Combinatorial and Computational Algebraic Geometry held at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, 11—24 June 2017

This CIMPA Research School was aimed at faculty and advanced graduate students fromNigeria and neighboring countries. Participants were introduced to some basics of algebraicgeometry with an emphasis on computational aspects, such as Gröbner bases and combinato-rial aspects, such as toric varieties and tropical geometry. Participants also learned how to usethe freely available software Macaulay2 for studying algebraic varieties. A total of 65 people, including speakers, assistants, and regular participants attended.

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