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Gender and mathematics education

A311 and A312 Rooms


Organizing team composition

Call for papers

Papers and discussion documents

Team chairs:

María Trigueros (Mexico)

Helen Forgasz (Australia)

Team members:

Anna Chronaki (Greece)

Olof Steinthorsdottir (USA)

Liv Sissel Gronmo (Norway)

Call for Papers

Participants in Topic Study Group 32 will focus on issues of gender with respect to the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students, at all levels of education, and in all contexts. Various theoretical and philosophical perspectives will also be examined.

It is recognised that gender differences in mathematics learning outcomes – participation, achievement, and affect – are not uniform across all countries, in all areas of mathematics learning, or for all groups of learners of mathematics. Research examining gender differences and interventions to address them are at different stages, take different forms, and are in receipt of different levels of funding and support around the globe.


There will be four TSG 32 sessions. In the first session an invited speaker will open the deliberations of the TSG and will promote discussion.

In the remaining three TSG32 sessions, papers will be presented. Prospective participants are invited to submit proposals for papers to be included in these sessions. Empirical and non-empirical research studies in which a range of methodological approaches have been adopted are encouraged. Topics might include:

* The situation with respect to gender differences in mathematics learning outcomes – participation, performance, and/or attitudes/beliefs/values – within particular contexts

* Factors contributing to gender issues with respect to mathematics learning outcomes in particular contexts

* Societal, systemic, organisational, and/or cultural dimensions related to gender issues and mathematics teaching and learning

* The role of technology, resources, learning settings, and/or pedagogical approaches in addressing or re-inforcing gender differences in mathematics learning outcomes

* Theoretical and/or philosophical perspectives on gender issues and mathematics education

A diverse range of proposals from researchers representing developed and late developing nations is wanted.


The Proposal

If you are interested in presenting a paper that fit the aims and focus of TSG 32, your proposal is due on January 1, 2008. The following information must be provided:

# title

# name(s) of the author(s) and email contacts

# institution (and location and country)

# abstract of 300-500 words (excluding references)

The language used for the abstract must be English, the official language of ICME-11.

Please email your proposal to: Helen Forgasz whose email is or to Maria Trigueros whose email is

You will receive acknowledgment of receipt of your proposal.

Reviewing and outcomes

Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the organising team of the Topic Study Group (TSG 32).

The outcome of your proposal submission will be provided not later than January 26, 2008. All the accepted contributions will be published on the ICME-10 website before the congress. Depending on the number of submissions, the range of topics and the quality of the proposals, some authors will also be invited to present orally the papers at the congress; the other accepted contributions will be referred to during discussions at the sessions of the Topic Group.

In summary, due to the limited number of sessions for TSG 32 and the time available, papers will be accepted in two ways:

# You may be invited to give an oral presentation at the conference and your paper will be uploaded to the TSG 32 website for all to read, OR

# Your paper will uploaded to the TSG 32 website without an oral presentation, and will be referred in group discussions.

In both cases the organising team for TSG 32 must find the paper to be of high quality.

Accepted proposals

If your proposal is accepted for TSG 32, the deadline for submitting a full paper will be March 1, 2008. Full papers, in English, should be about 5000 words in length (excluding references), and should be emailed to: Liv Sissel Gronmo

Please circulate this Call for Papers to individuals who may be interested.

If you have any questions about TSG 32, please send an email to: Olof Steinthorsdottir: , or to Anna Chronaki:

PLEASE NOTE: It is an ICME-11 policy that each individual is restricted to one major speaking appearance at the conference, which includes plenary lectures and panels, and organization of TSGs or DGs.

Papers and discussion documents

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