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The final outcome of an ICMI Study is a Study Volume, appearing in the New ICMI Studies Series (NISS) under the general editorship of the President and the Secretary-General of ICMI. An ICMI Study Volume is a carefully structured and edited book, not a conference proceedings, and the editors normally form a subset of the IPC, with the Chair(s) as the editor(s)-in-chief. Occasionally an ICMI Study may result, in addition to the Study Volume, in other types of publications (conference proceedings, special issue of journals, etc.).

In order to make the NISS volumes more accessible, a special discount is offered to members of the ICMI community purchasing the volumes for personal use.

Through the project of the ICMI Digital Library, launched jointly by ICMI and IMU, all the ICMI Study Volumes will be made freely available on the web.

All the so-called Discussion Documents for the ICMI Studies have been collected and will soon be made available for easy reference. Each such document has been prepared by the International Programme Committee of a given Study and described in a preliminary manner key issues and sub-themes related to the theme of the Study. It has been widely disseminated internationally (in particular through the ICMI Bulletin) to solicit contributions to the Study.