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Fifty Years of Women in Mathematics

Fifty Years of Women in Mathematics
Reminiscences, History, and Visions for the Future of AWM
Editors : Janet L. BeerySarah J. GreenwaldCathy Kessel

Celebrates fifty years of the oldest association for women in mathematics in the world
Features contributions from a large and varied array of people in mathematics
Provides a historical chronology and reminiscences of AWM from its inception through present day

"Best Practices Towards a More Diverse  and Inclusive Mathematical Community", Joint Panel organized by the IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM) and the IMU Commitee on Diversity (CoD), during the virtual ICM2022.

Schedule: Friday July 8, 14:15-16:15 (CEST=UTC+2)

Moderators: Motoko Kotani (CWM), Edray Goins (CoD)

Condolences– Yulia Zdanovska

The International Mathematical Union Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM)  deeply regrets the death of 21-year-old Yulia Zdanovska, who was a silver medalist at the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiads (EGMO) in 2017. Yulia was a brilliant young mathematician with a successful future ahead of her. The young woman refused to leave Ukraine amid the war and, working as a volunteer, died in a fire caused by a Russian missile that hit her residential area in

Data base of good practices to reduce the gender gap now available

The Gender Gap in Science Project collates a sample of these initiatives using an online database so that users are able to access information about a variety of initiatives that aim to address the gender gap in Science and Mathematics.

The Data base of good practices  to reduce the gender gap can be consulted here.

Relevant initiatives can be submitted here.

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