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Between 2010-2016 ICMI has invested a significant amount of resources into the CANP project. In 2015 the ICMI EC accepted a proposal to review CANP: It was proposed to review CANP as a whole (rather than individual evaluations of each CANP) for which a Review Committee was established. 

The following Terms of Reference were proposed:

The ICMI Executive Committee has adopted some basic guidelines and criteria about (minimum) requirements for granting the status of an ICMI Regional Conference to a conference under planning.

Two crucial aspects are that

AFRICME-Africa Regional Congress of ICMI on Mathematical Education

Below find a list of upcoming (or most recent) Regional Conferences. 

Report on the Klein Project  (June 2009)

In 2008 IMU and ICMI commissioned a project to revisit the intent of Felix Klein when he wrote Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint.  That is, to produce a book for secondary teachers that communicates the breadth and vitality of the research discipline of mathematics and connects it to the senior secondary school curriculum.

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