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CIMPA Research School Group Actions on Algebraic Varieties held at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Peru, September 4-15, 2017

This CIMPA school has been of great importance to the region, as it allowed fruitful interactions among
many of professors and students from Latin-America working in Algebraic Geometry. Equally important
is the fact that they had the chance to interact with well-known experts from France and Russia, crucial
for networking and future joint projects.
From the opinions collected from the participants and lecturers, it is safe to say that this CIMPA School

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15th Discussion Meeting in Harmonic Analysis was held at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, December 18 - 21, 2017

The conference titled 15th Discussion Meeting in Harmonic Analysis was held at the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore from December 18th to December 21st, 2017. A total of 85 participants attended the conference of which 16 were from outside India. A series of 4 lectures were given by Professor Andrei Lerner (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) on Sparse bounds and sharp weighted inequalities. There were 24 other talks (of 35 minutes duration) mostly by young mathematicians from India.

AMINSE 2017 - The Third International Conference held at the Tbilisi State University, Georgia, December 6-9, 2017

“The Third International Conference on Applications of Mathematics and Informatics in Natural Sciences and Engineering” was held at Ilia Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics (VIAM) of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU).

Report on Topology Ecuador 2017 held at the University San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, 14 - 18 August 2017

The conference Topology Ecuador provided a meeting point for over 60 topologists from Latin America, North America and around the world. The scope was broad, ranging from homotopy theory to noncommutative geometry, with the goal of establishing collaborations and boundary crossings both geographically and between areas of expertise. The conference created an inviting atmosphere for informal interactions going beyond sharing mathematical work.

Report on CIMPA Research School “Functional Analysis and Partial Differential Equations” was held at at the Khovd University, Khovd, Mongolia, 16 - 28 July 2017

This year's CIMPA Research School was focused on certain recent progress of mathematical analysis and numerical computations related to the partial differential equations, namely to material sciences for engineering science. It is very actual interest and concerns particularly the engineering faculties and students of the Mongolian Universities and overseas participants from Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Pakistan, Austria and Philippines.

Report on EMALCA Ecuador 2017 was held in the University San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, 7-11 August 2017

The main goal of the EMALCA (Escuelas de Matemáticas de América Latina y el Caribe ) Ecuador 2017 was to serve as a stepping stone towards strengthening the topology community in the Latin American region and as a springboard for the community of Ecuadorian mathematicians working in the areas of algebra, topology and geometry.

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