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XXXIX CNMAC 2019, Brazil, 16-20 September, 2019

The CNMAC was held at the Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, during 16-20 September, 2019. The CNMAC is an annual congress organized by the Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics (SBMAC), being the largest meeting about applied, computational and industrial mathematics in Brazil and in Latin America. The SBMAC has as its main purpose to promote the development and dissemination of computational and applied mathematics in Brazil.

12th International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Developing Countries, Laos, 1-3 November, 2019

The 12th International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Developing Countries (ICMMEDC 2019) was held at the at National University of Laos (NUOL), Dongdok Campus, Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, during the period 1 - 3 November, 2019.

CIMPA Research School: Syzygies, from Theory to Applications, Brazil, 4-13 November, 2019

The CIMPA Research School: Syzygies, from Theory to Applications was held in Brazil during the period 4-13 November, 2019. During the research CIMPA Research School graduate students and young researchers had the opportunity to study some fundamental techniques and recent developments on syzygy based methods, including:
• applications to combinatorial and toric geometry,
• module of differentials,
• the Minimal Resolution Conjecture,
• regularity of powers of ideals,

WAMS-Mathematics and their Interactions, Turkey, 27 October-3 November, 2019

The WAMS-Mathematics and their Interactions was held at the Nesin Mathematics Village in Izmir, Turkey during the period 27 October-3 November, 2019. The objective of this school was to offer a fairly complete offer of courses in the modeling field, ranging from theoretical approaches to concrete developments (modeling and numerical simulations).

CIMPA Research School 2019 - "Approches Algorithmiques et Statistiques de L'Aprentissage", Madagascar, 16-25 July, 2019

The CIMPA Research School "Approches algorithmiques et statistiques de l'apprentissage" was held at University of Antananarivo in Madagascar during the period 16-25 July, 2019. The aim of this CIMPA School was to familiarize graduate students and young researchers with the field of Machine Learning and to show its many connections to other areas, especially mathematics, computer science, probability and economics.

New call of the IMU-CDC Graduate Assistantships in Developing Countries Program (GRAID)

The Program provides modest support for emerging research groups, working in a developing country listed in Priority 1 or 2 of the IMU Definition, making it possible for them to fund their most talented students to study full-time and pursue a Master or PhD graduate degree in mathematics.

We invite applications from Teams consisting of a Principal Investigator plus his or her research group and an International Partner by March 15, 2020.

Revision of the IMU definition of Developing Countries

This October, the IMU Executive Committee endorsed the proposal made by the Commission for Developing Countries (CDC) regarding the definition of Developing Countries to be used by IMU during the next 4-year period. The list consists of all the countries classified by the World Bank (WB) in the categories: Low income (<USD 1.025), Lower middle income (USD 1.026 – 3.995), and Upper middle income (USD 3.996 – 12.375) in accordance with the WB Database by July 2019.

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