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EMALCA Costa Rica 2019, Costa Rica, 22. July-2. August, 2019

The “EMALCA 2019” conference was held at the University of Costa Rica, San Pedro, Costa Rica, during the period 22 July – 02 August, 2019. EMALCA 2019 was a school from the UMALCA (Mathematical Union of Latin America and the Caribbean). The EMALCA targeted an audience of (under)graduate regional students, coming from Central America and the Caribbean, as well as other Latino-American countries. All the speakers were originally from Latino-America.

Three students have been awarded a BGF grant to complete their PhD. BGF grants are funded by the generous donations from all the Breakthrough Prize winners. The program is the subject of an interesting article by Della Dumbaugh appeared in the September Issue of the AMS Notices. The award of full PhD grants goes to three students from developing countries engaged in a PhD degree in the mathematical sciences in a developing country. 

Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications (SUMTOPO), South Africa, 1-4 July, 2019

The "Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications" (SUMTOPO) 2019 took place at University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa during the period 1-4 July, 2019. The purpose of SUMTOPO is to bring researchers from diverse fields within topology together in order to discuss the latest developments. In its thirty-three year history, the SUMTOPO has grown into one of the largest annual international conferences on topology.

Dias de Combinatoria 2019, Colombia, 15-26 July, 2019

The “Dias de Combinatoria 2019” conference was held at the University of Cauca, Popayan, Colombia during the period 15-26 July, 2019. During the “Dias de Combinatoria 2019” conference four successful introductory minicourses in enumerative, geometric and algebraic combinatorics took place. These minicourses were held in spanish and they were comprised, each of five lecture sessions and five group-work sessions, during which students worked on problems. Each session was one and a half hours long.

CIMPA Research Summer School 2019 “Mathematical Models in Biology and Related Applications of Partial Differential Equations”, Cuba, June 11-21, 2019

The CIMPA Research Summer School 2019 “Mathematical Models in Biology and Related Applications of Partial Differential Equations” was held at the University of Havana, Cuba during the period 11-21 June, 2019. Mathematical modeling in biology and related domain is becoming of increasing importance in the mathematical community as well as for the other scientists from the point of view of possible applications.

Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association Annual Conference 2018, Botswana, November 19-23, 2018

The 37th SAMSA conference was held at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) in Palapya, Botswana during the period 19-22 November 2018, under the theme "Mathematical Sciences: A Catalyst in Driving a Knowledge-Based Economy". The conference created, among other things, meaningful avenues for new and established researchers to learn, network and present new ideas and problem solving techniques.

CIMPA Research School: "Modélisation, Analyse Mathématique et Calcul Scientifique dans la Gestion des Déchets Ménagers", Morocco, July 3-13,2019

The CIMPA School was held in Kenitra, Morocco from July 3 until July 13, 2019. The objective of this CIMPA Research School was to introduce mathematical modeling and management of urban waste, by bringing together, during 10 days, specialists in the field of modeling, mathematical analysis and scientific computation of phenomena linked to this management.

CIMPA School DaDyBio, Bangladesh, June 10-21, 2019

The CIMPA school DaDyBio was successfully held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from June 10 until June 21, 2019. During the CIMPA School six courses of five hours each were delivered during the two weeks. Courses were either theoretical or applied to Biology.

Week 1: Symbolic Dynamics (Nicolas Bédaride) and Hyperbolic Dynamic I (I. Rios) for theoretical courses. Applications of ODEs and Dynamical Systems in Biology (S. Mousset) as an applied course.

CIMPA school "Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories", Argentina, July 25-August 5, 2019

The CIMPA school "Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories", was sussessfully held in Cordoba, Argentina from July 29 until August 5, 2019.

The school's main goals were:
-To introduce students to the area of (pointed) Hopf algebras and tensor categories
-To connect researchers with undergraduate students from Argentina who want to pursue doctoral studies
-To connect Pd.D. Students with researchers to expand their lines of research

All goals were achieved during the conference.

There were six courses in the school:

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