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2022 Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize

Breakthrough Prize Foundation

Three Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prizes were awarded to early-career women mathematicians:

Sarah Peluse, Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University (PhD Stanford University 2019)
For contributions to arithmetic combinatorics and analytic number theory, particularly with regards to polynomial patterns in dense sets.

Hong Wang, University of California, Los Angeles (PhD MIT 2019)
For advances on the restriction conjecture, the local smoothing conjecture, and related problems.

Yilin Wang, MIT (PhD ETH Zürich 2019)
For innovative and far-reaching work on the Loewner energy of planar curves.

The Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize was established in 2019 and named for the famed Iranian mathematician, Fields Medalist and Stanford professor who passed away in 2017.

In 2021 for its first year, the  Prize was awarded to

Nina Holden – "For work in random geometry, particularly on Liouville quantum gravity as a scaling limit of random triangulations.".

Urmila Mahadev – "For work that addresses the fundamental question of verifying the output of a quantum computation.".

Lisa Piccirillo – "For resolving the classic problem that the Conway knot is not smoothly slice."

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