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Establishement of AOWM

Asia-Oceania Women in Mathematics (AOWM), the continental organization for women in mathematics in Asia and Oceania was established on August 1 2022 by an on line meeting.

There are more than 200 founding members from 18 Asian and 0ceanian countries (Australia, China, India,
 Indonesia,  Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines,  South Korea,  Sri Lanka,  Thailand, UAE,  Uzbekistan) . The CWM ambassadors and their continental meeting played a key role in the creation of AOWM. The preparation process was taken care of by a group led by Motoko Kotani and Kyewon Koh Park.

The AOWM Executive Committee  is the  following.

President : Sanoli Gun (India)
    Vice President : Melissa Tacy (New Zealand)
    Vice President :  Polly Sy (Philippines)
    Secretary: Hyang-Sook Lee (Korea)
    Ordinary EC members
    Budi Nurani Ruchjana (Indonesia)
    Yukari Ito (Japan)
    Dongmei Xiao (China)
    Bakhyt Alipova (Kazakhstan)
    Zohreh Mostaghim (Iran)

Contact AOWM: here.