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May 12, 2023

CWM is happy to announce that the May 12 - Celebrating Women in Mathematics website for the 2023 edition has been launched, and is now available at

May 12 is the birthday of Maryam Mirzakhani. This date was chosen to celebrate Women in Mathematics in her memory, with the goal of inspiring women everywhere in the world, celebrating their achievements in mathematics, and encouraging an open, welcoming and inclusive work environment for everybody.

In this 5th edition of the May 12 initiative, 150+ events have been registered on May 12 website. Arrangements have been made to allow free screenings of the film "Olga Alexandrovna Ladyzhenskaya”, produced and directed by Ekaterina Eremenko. This movie was first presented during the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics in 2022, and tells the story of the great woman and mathematician Olga Alexandrovna Ladyzhnskaya, whose 100th birthday was in 2022. The May 12 initiative produced subtitles of the OAL film in french, italian, persian, portuguese, spanish and turkish on top of the original subtitles in english and russian.

The May 12 initiative is supported by several organisations for women in mathematics: the European Women in Mathematics, the Association for Women in Mathematics, the African Women in Mathematics Association, the Indian Women and Mathematics, the CGD-UMALCA (Commission on Gender and Diversity of the Mathematical Union of Latin America and the Caribbean) and the Women’s Committee of the Iranian Mathematical Society. It is currently funded by CWM.