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ICM Madrid Videos 29.08.2006

Below you can watch all videos from ICM Madrid for 29.08.2006.

Compact Kähler manifolds and transcendental techniques in algebraic geometry

Jean-Pierre Demailly

Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

29-Aug-06 · 10:15-11:15 h


Optimal computation

Ronald DeVore

University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA

29-Aug-06 · 11:45-12:45 h


Lecture by a fields Medalist

Andrei Okounkov

Princeton University, USA


ICM 2006 Closing Round Table

Are pure and applied mathematics drifting apart?

Intervention by John Ball Slides
Intervention by Lennart Carleson Slides
Intervention by Ronald Coifman Slides
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