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ICMI Studies Activities

ICMI studies logoA major ICMI program is the series of ICMI Studies. This set of activities was launched in the mid-80s and has acquired a growing importance and influence on the field. It contributes to a better understanding and resolution of the challenges that face multidisciplinary and culturally diverse research and development in mathematics education.

Each Study focuses on a topic or issue of prominent current interest in mathematics education. Built around an international conference, it is directed towards the preparation of a published volume intended to promote and assist discussion and action at the international, regional or institutional level. 

The main emphasis of a given Study may be on analytical or action-oriented aspects, but some analytical component will always be present. 



Here you can find current ICMI Studies as well as  published ICMI Studies.


Detailed information about ICMI Studies and process of an ICMI Study can be found on the ICMI Studies Publication website:

ICMI Studies Publication page, please click here.