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ICMI members

In the following, we use the notion of “country” as defined in the IMU Statutes (Article 4): “The term ‘country’ is to be understood as including diplomatic protectorates and any territory in which independent scientific activity in mathematics has been developed, and in general shall be construed as to secure the broadest and most effective participation of mathematicians in the scientific work of the Union.”

All members of the International Mathematical Union (IMU), are automatically members of ICMI. But it is also possible for a country not a member of IMU to become a member of ICMI. (Information on this matter can be obtained here or from the Secretary-General of ICMI.) In the following list, (*) indicates the members of ICMI that are not members of IMU. Each member country of ICMI shall appoint a representative to ICMI. This appointment is the responsibility of the IMU Adhering Organization, for those countries which are Full or Associate Members of IMU, and of the ICMI Adhering Organization, for the other countries co-opted under item (8) in the ICMI Terms of reference. A representative should normally not serve for more than two consecutive four-year terms.