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ICMI-13 Video


Felix - Klein - Award 2013

Michèle Artigue

Michèle Artigue (France)

Title of talk: The challenging Relationship between Fundamental Research and Action in Mathematics Education



Hans - Freudenthal - Award 2013

Frederick K.S. Leung

Frederick K.S. Leung (Hong Kong)

Title of talk: Making Sense of Mathematics Achievement in East Asia: Does Culture really matter?



Emma - Castelnuovo - Award 2015

Hugh Burkhardt and Malcolm Swan

Hugh Burkhardt & Malcolm Swan (UK)

Title of talk: Design, Development and the Systemic Improvement of Practice



Hans - Freudenthal - Medal for 2015

Jill Adler

Jill Adler (South Africa)

Title of talk: One Framework, multiple Practices: The Case for a Common Discursive Resource



Felix -  Klein -  Medal for 2015

Alan J. Bishop

Alan J. Bishop (Australia)

Title of talk:  Elementary Mathematicians from Advanced Standpoints - a Cultural Perspective on Mathematics Education