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Congress Venue

ICME-13 will take place at three centres located on or near the main campus of the university. These are the Main Building of the university, the Campus Von-Melle-Park and the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), located opposite to the Main Building. These three different centres have the capacity to provide sufficient rooms and accommodations for all the congress activities.

The first centre will be the Campus Von-Melle-Park, where the congress will use the building of the Philosophical Faculty together with the buildings of the Faculty of Education, Psychology, Human Movement, and the Faculty of Economics. These buildings together with the Auditorium Maximum provide a rich variety of rooms including more than 10 lecture halls and a significant number of modern seminar rooms of a high standard, all provided with the necessary technical equipment. At this location, using the combined facilities, it will be possible to host simultaneously many activities for smaller groups, also allowing for various groups to be split into several working sub-groups within additional smaller rooms if appropriate. The working sessions of Topic Study Groups, Working Groups or Short Oral Presentations, meetings of the Affiliated Study Groups or other small size activities will take place at this part of the main university campus.

The second central location will be the Main Building of the university with its Eastern and Western wing buildings, providing up to 10 plenary rooms suitable for groups of more than 100 participants up to 600 participants, with high quality modern equipment. Here the regular lectures together with bigger parallel activities such as national presentations or public lectures will take place. Furthermore the Main building and its Wings offer spacious foyers, which will host several exhibitions and provide for a range of different activities.

The third location will be the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), the city’s biggest high quality congress venue with many facilities and one of the world’s top congress venues for over 30 year. The two biggest lecture halls provide 3,000 seats and 1,500 seats respectively, and several spacious foyers are available, which will be used for the coffee breaks and happy hours. The rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio, video and event technology. The CCH provides the whole congress centre with IT and telecommunication with broadband networking capability. In the university buildings wireless connectivity for delegates' laptops and other devices as well as internet access will be accessible during the whole congress free of charge.

All the buildings are close to each other – within about five to ten minutes walking distance. The Congress Center Hamburg is located at the train station Dammtor and is opposite to the Main Building of the university. The CCH is situated not more than ten minutes by foot from the Campus Von-Melle-Park, which is adjacent to the Main Building.

All locations are easy to reach via public transportation connections at the Dammtor railway station, including very frequent bus services, several suburban train lines, and other mass transit. The station Dammtor is accessible not only by public transportation but also by high-speed trains connecting Hamburg with all major cities in Germany. Nearby, the U-bahn (underground railway) station Stephansplatz provides additional connections to the rest of the city, its suburbs and the airport. The U-bahn is only five minutes walking distance from the CCH and the main buildings of the university.