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Thematic Afternoon

As special feature of ICME-13 - a thematic afternoon on Selected European
Didactic and German Speaking Traditions and the Legacy of Felix Klein
will take place.The following three strands will take place in parallel:

European Didactic Traditions

Werner Blum

Werner Blum (Germany) – Chair

Michèle Artigue (France)
Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen (Netherlands)
Maria Alessandra Mariotti (Italy)
Rudolf Sträßer (Germany)



France 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Netherlands 12 / 3

Italy 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Germany 1 / 2 / 3


German-speaking Traditions in Mathematics Education Research

Hans-Niels Jahnke

Hans-Niels Jahnke (Germany) - Chair

Design Science

Marcus Nührenbörger & Bettina Rösken-Winter (Germany)

Theories in Mathematics Education

Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs & Andreas Vohns (Germany / Austria)

Subject-oriented Didactics (so-called Stoffdidaktik)

Lisa Hefendehl-Hebeker & Rudolf vom Hofe (Germany)

Concept of General Mathematical Education and Relation to Mathematical Literacy

Rolf Biehler & Hans-Niels Jahnke (Germany)

Classroom Studies

Uwe Gellert & Götz Krummheuer (Germany)

Educational Research on Learning and Teaching of Mathematics

Timo Leuders & Andreas Schulz (Germany)

Large-Scale Studies

Andreas Obersteiner &  Kristina Reiss

Mathematical Modelling

Gilbert Greefrath & Katrin Vorhölter (Germany)



Legacy of Felix Klein

Hans-Georg Weigand

Hans-Georg Weigand (Germany) – Chair

William McCallum (USA)
Marta Menghini (Italy)
Michael Neubrand (Germany)
Gert Schubring (Germany)


PPT ( Weigand )

PPT ( McCallum )


News and activities

Meeting of the Group on German-speaking Tradition in Mathematical Education

in Kassel 2014, October 2nd to 3rd

Meeting of the Group on European Didactic Traditions

in Prague 2015, February 3rd

in Frankfurt / Main 2015, October 15th




Mathematical Exhibition

A special offer during the conference will be a mathematical exhibition, organised by
Albrecht Beutelspacher, the founder of the Mathematikum, the world’s first mathematical
science center in Gießen, which is displaying many mathematical objects and
hands-on-materials for mathematical activities.
The importance of visualising geometrical objects and the necessity of spatial intuition
for successful mathematical teaching is already emphasised in Felix Klein’s ‘Elementary
mathematics from an advanced standpoint‘ and has been formed in special
traditions of the German didactics of mathematics. Of special relevance is the socalled
Modellkammer by Felix Klein, in which he built with his own students mathematical
models of mathematical objects and mathematical instruments for practical
exercises and which has inspired many mathematicians all over the world.

http://www.mathematikum.de/ (Guided tours in english language will be offered)

The exhibition shall contain mirrors producing optical illusions, challenging puzzles,
giant soap puzzles allowing many mathematical activities. The exhibition will not only
be open for conference participants but also for the public – especially students – providing
insights into the attractiveness of mathematics. The exhibition will be accompanied
by lectures of renowned experts from mathematics and mathematics education
explaining the mathematical underpinning of the experiments. These activities will be
of special interest for many teachers from Hamburg and its wider surroundings and
will be an excellent possibility to close the gap between academic discussions and interests
of teachers. Furthermore, this exhibition and its accompanying lectures will
demonstrate to the interested public the beauty of mathematics and the challenges of
teaching and learning mathematics. The exhibition will be open during the whole congress
with special activities during the Get-together and lunch break.
We look forward to being able to include these new activities featuring characteristics
of the German debate on mathematics education together with the usual elements
of previous ICMEs to jointly form the programme of ICME-13.