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Paper and Poster / Template

Announcement for a second Poster Submission

We have decided to allow once more the submission of posters for ICME-13. We therefore invite all members of the mathematics educational community to contribute to ICME-13 a poster.

The submission of a poster via Conftool will be possible from 4.-18. April 2016. Please note that the poster shall not be submitted, but a one-page-description of the poster using the ICME-13 template.


Each poster shall be assigned to one TSG and will be presented within the poster session of this TSG.

ICME-13 welcomes more contributions from mathematics educational scholars from all over the world in order to enrich ICME-13.

Of course, ICME-13 welcomes all scholars, who will attend ICME-13 without any contribution.

All participants can only submit either a paper or a poster due to the expected high number of contributions. Please note that not the poster itself shall be submitted, but the description of the planned poster.

Conference participants can serve as co-authors of two other papers and one poster. All submissions have to be assigned to one Topic Study Group, which has to be chosen at the beginning of the submission process.

At least one author from each paper or poster must be a registered participant of ICME-13 and present the paper or poster.

Concerning the poster it has to be noted that not the poster is submitted at the initial process, but the description of the planned poster.

The regular submission process for posters has been extended.

The decisionson the posters for the regular Poster Submission  are sent out 19th-23rd March 2016.

The real poster has to be uploaded in Conftool as pdf-file 8th-15th June 2016, a printed version has to be brought to the congress.



The according template must be used:       

Paper (space restriction 4 pages)          

Poster (space restriction 1 page)

The paper- or poster-form has to be uploaded under the navigation button LOGIN while creating a personal account and entering personal data. Please be aware of the file size, which can not be bigger than 15 MB. It might be necessary to reduce the size of integrated pictures to reach the maximum file size.

Is there a specific format for the poster that must be used for the final submission?

YES, please use for the poster the Din A0 format in a portrait orientation. No further font size(s) are set. In addition please bring the printed poster with you.


All papers and posters have to be submitted via Conftool after having created an account.



Deadlines for the Submission of Papers and Posters     

1st Sept. –15th Oct. 2015 Submission of papers (extended)
1st Sept. –15th Oct. 2015 Submission of posters by those intending to apply for the solidarity fund (extended)
10th – 20th December 2015 Decisions on acceptance of papers or posters sent out
1st Oct. – 22nd Dec. 2015 Application to solidarity fund from researchers of less-affluent countries
12th – 30th January 2016 Decisions on funding sent out
1st Jan.–14th February 2016 Submission of posters (by those not applying for the solidarity fund) (extended)
14th – 18th March 2016 Decisions on acceptance of posters sent out
8th - 15th June 2016 Submission of the poster itself by uploading via Conftool


Guidelines for reviewers can be downloaded here 

Please note that only ONE submission of any kind, including Workshop, Discussion Group, Topic Study Group,  is possible.