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General Information

Status of information

We are currently updating the website several times per week. In order to have access to the most recent information, please make sure that you have the most recent version of the website ( by refreshing the cache ).

Congress language

The official congress language is English. Nevertheless, simultaneous translation to German will be provided for special activities. Other languages may be considered if needed.


Please be aware that the data projektors at the university as well as the congresscenter CCH can not be connected via bluetooth to iPads, smartphones or tablets etc.. The general standard is still VGA, in some rooms we have additionally HDMI. Take the right cable with you and as a precaution put your presentation on a data stick.

If you expect a problem for your presentation, please let us know under: assistence.icme13@uni-hamburg.de. We have laptops in the lecture halls for presentations.


Visitors from many countries can enter Germany without a visa, but may not stay for longer than 90 days. However, visitors from some countries must obtain an entry visa ahead of time. For a list of countries whose citizens need a visa in order to enter Germany see the website of the German Foreign Office at:


Letter of invitation

Upon request, a letter of invitation will be sent to speakers and contributors to scientific program activities for visa purposes or if required by their institution. Other participants who need a letter of invitation are asked to send official documentation of their professional affiliation with Mathematics Education so that we may honour their request.

Health insurance

Congress participants should make sure that their health insurance will cover their travel and stay in Germany. Your insurance agent should be able to provide this information.


In July you may expect warm days with average temperature around 20┬░C, bright sunshine or scattered showers.


There are strict anti-smoking regulations in Germany, especially for public places, restaurants, bars and all types of accommodation. Smokers bars or restaurants have special signs. If you are not sure, whether it is allowed to smoke or not, please ask somebody around. If smoking is imortant for the type of hotel you are looking for, please check this on the hotels websites.


In Germany we have right-hand traffic - if you are coming from a country with left-hand traffic please always check twice, before you pass a street or a bycicle lane. We have a lot of bicycle-traffic in the city and you might also rent one at special public stations :



Helpful apps : (think about downloading it before you reach Hamburg)

Helpful tool:


Tourist Information

Further tourist information about Hamburg and its surroundings can be found at:


Nice tips to explore Hamburg by your own:

http://www.historische-museen-hamburg.de/en/en  -  a list of highly recommendable museums

http://www.prototyp-hamburg.de/en/   -  if you like the history of old cars - especially PORSCHE

http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/   - a unique experience - the world as a miniature world

http://www.imm-hamburg.de/international/en/  - a great and well equiped sea and maritime museum

https://www.hagenbeck.de/en/tierpark/start.html  - the worldwide known famous Hagenbeck Zoo