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Plenary Activities

Deborah Loewenberg Ball

Uncovering the Special Mathematical Work of Teaching

Deborah Loewenberg Ball (USA) Abstract

Saturday, 30.7.2016 PPT



Bill Barton

Mathematics Education in its Cultural Context: Plus and Minus Thirty Years

Bill Barton (New Zealand) Abstract

Tuesday, 26.7.2016 PPT PPT (spanish Version)



Berinderjeet Kaur

Mathematics Classroom Studies - Multiple Windows and Perspectives

Berinderjeet Kaur (Singapore) Abstract

Friday, 29.7.2016 PPT


Günter Ziegler

“What is Mathematics?” - And why we should ask, where one should learn that, and who can teach it.

Günter M. Ziegler (Germany) Abstract

Wednesday, 27.7.2016 PPT



International Comparative Studies in Mathematics: Lessons for Improving Students' Learning

Jinfa Cai Ida A.C. Mok Vijay Reddy Kaye Stacey

  • Jinfa Cai (USA) - Chair
  • Ida A.C. Mok (Hong Kong)
  • Vijay Reddy (South Africa)
  • Kaye Stacey (Australia)
  • Abstract
  • Monday, 25.7.2016 PPT


Transitions in mathematics education

Ghislaine Gueudet Marianna Bosch Andrea diSessa Oh Nam Kwon Lieven Verschaffel