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Member Countries

The list of IMU Member Countries contains also, for each country:

  • The Adhering Organization
  • The Committee for Mathematics
  • A list of Mathematical Societies in the country
Algeria Group One Africa
Armenia Group One Asia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Group One Europe
Bulgaria Group One Europe
Cameroon Group One Africa
Colombia Group One America
Croatia Group One Europe
Cuba Group One America
Cyprus Group One Europe
Ecuador Group One America
Estonia Group One Europe
Georgia Group One Asia
Greece Group One Europe
Hong Kong, SAR, China Group One Asia
Iceland Group One Europe
Indonesia Group One Asia
Ivory Coast Group One Africa
Kazakhstan Group One Asia
Kenya Group One Africa
Kyrgyzstan Group One Asia
Latvia Group One Europe
Lithuania Group One Europe
Luxembourg Group One Europe
Malaysia Group One Asia
Montenegro Group One Europe
Morocco Group One Africa
New Zealand Group One Australia and Oceania
Nigeria Group One Africa
Oman Group One Asia
Pakistan Group One Asia
Peru Group One America
Philippines Group One Asia
Romania Group One Europe
Saudi Arabia Group One Asia
Senegal Group One Africa
Serbia Group One Europe
Singapore Group One Asia
Slovenia Group One Europe
Thailand Group One Asia
Tunisia Group One Africa
Uruguay Group One America
Venezuela Group One America
Vietnam Group One Asia
Austria Group Two Europe
Denmark Group Two Europe
Egypt Group Two Africa
Ireland Group Two Europe
Slovakia Group Two Europe
South Africa Group Two Africa
Turkey Group Two Europe
Ukraine Group Two Europe
Argentina Group Three America
Belgium Group Three Europe
Chile Group Three America
Czech Republic Group Three Europe
Finland Group Three Europe
Hungary Group Three Europe
Mexico Group Three America
Norway Group Three Europe
Portugal Group Three Europe
Australia Group Four Australia and Oceania
India Group Four Asia
Iran Group Four Asia
Korea/Republic of Group Four Asia
Netherlands Group Four Europe
Poland Group Four Europe
Spain Group Four Europe
Sweden Group Four Europe
Switzerland Group Four Europe
Brazil Group Five America
Canada Group Five America
China Group Five Asia
France Group Five Europe
Germany Group Five Europe
Israel Group Five Asia
Italy Group Five Europe
Japan Group Five Asia
Russia Group Five Europe
United Kingdom Group Five Europe
United States of America Group Five America
Bangladesh Associate Member Asia
Cambodia Associate Member Asia
Gabon Associate Member Africa
Madagascar Associate Member Africa
Nepal Associate Member Asia
Papua New Guinea Associate Member Australia and Oceania
Paraguay Associate Member America
Uzbekistan Associate Member Asia