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The IMU is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization. IMU's objectives are:

To promote international cooperation in mathematics.

To support and assist the International Congress of Mathematicians and other international scientific meetings or conferences.

To encourage and support other international mathematical activities considered likely to contribute to the development of mathematical science in any of its aspects, pure, applied, or educational.

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The IMU was officially founded on 20 September 1920 in Strasbourg, just prior to the ICM in Strasbourg.

The conference

Mathematics without Borders

The Centennial of the International Mathematical Union
Strasbourg, 28–29 September 2020

celebrates the centennial of this historic event. The opening of the conference will take place in the same building used for the ICM 1920. Updated information regarding the conference can be found at




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ICM 2022 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 6–14 July 2022

19th IMU General Assembly in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 3–4 July

The 2022 IMU Prizes and Awards will be presented at the Opening Ceremony of the ICM on 6 July 2022.

News from the community


March 14 – The International Day of Mathematics

On the initiative of the IMU, the 40th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris approved the Proclamation of March 14 (Pi Day) as the International Day of Mathematics (IDM). The international launch of the IDM will take place in Paris and Nairobi in 2020.

"Mathematics is everywhere" is the theme for 2020, free material will be made available.

CEIC meeting 2019 in Berlin
Photo: IMU Secretariat

CEIC meeting 2019 in Berlin

CEIC met on Oct 26-27, 2019 in the IMU Secretariat. (From left to right) M. Runnwerth, H. Cohn, A. Onshuus, M. Farge, P. Ion, N. Joshi (IMU EC liaison), H. Holden (IMU Secretary General) attended; T. Cole, R. Karandikar, and V. Stodden are also on the CEIC.

MCA 2021

MCA 2021

Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2021, MCA 2021, 19–24 July, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Call for Applications

100 grants - “Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Contemporary Logic, Rationality and Information” (SPLogiC)

 Mathematicians of the World, Unite!

Illustrated history of the ICM

The book "Mathematicians of the World, Unite!" by G. Curbera is now electronically available on the IMU website. For more information click here

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Updated Contact Information

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